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Public and Administrative law

Many major sectors of economy require specialist legal knowledge in relation to the relevant public and administrative legal aspects of specific legal regulatory mechanisms. Public-Private Partnerships increase in number and spread their influence with respect to different business areas. That’s why it is very important to know the legal requirements upon which the State and the Municipality can act as partners in various forms of business activities, projects and structures.

The lawyers of „ILIEV AND PARTNERS“ deliver advice in the following public and administrative law areas:

• Practice of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria;

• Regulatory framework, legal aspects and regime of the state and municipal property;

• Public and administrative law aspects of different industry sectors – energy and utilities, renewable energy sources, water, natural resources, public procurement, concessions, capital markets, financial services, etc.;

• Representation before state and municipal authorities;

• Legal assistance upon issuing administrative acts – licenses, permits, protocols, certificates;

• Appealing of administrative acts – administrative and court phase.