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Environmental law

„ILIEV AND PARTNERS“ has successfully developed its environmental law practice thus focusing on environmental aspects of clients’ businesses. Our team of lawyers brings real expertise, professional understanding and entrepreneurial thinking to this complex and rapidly changing area of law. We have built up legal experience in all aspects of environmental work. Some of the industry sectors where we are specialised in are real estate and construction, planning and land use, industrial development, energy projects, public procurement, mining law, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, roads and infrastructure, waste management and many other corporate activities. It is now clear that whatever your industry, you need to take into consideration the environmental implications of every aspect of it. Familiarity with environmental changes and the law governing them is very important to the success of every business.

Our legal services in relation to environmental law include the following aspects:

• EU and national legal framework of environmental protection;

• Legal advice on environmental issues within corporate transactions;

• Environmental law aspects of different industry sectors;

• Environmental aspects of construction, infrastructure and energy projects;

• Legal advice on structuring and restructuring industrial and/or chemical projects;

• Legal advice in relation to finding practical and commercial solutions to planning needs;

• Advice on all waste management issues;

• Representation before state regulators and other state authorities;

• Legal assistance in licensing regimes and procedures related to the relevant permissions;

• Helping clients reduce the risks of environmental liability arising in specific projects; transactions and investments;

• Environmental liability aspects related to caused environmental damages;

• Product liability issues;

• Environmental legal issues in relation to compensations, guarantees, insurance;

• Healthy and safe working conditions;

• Drafting contracts, including clauses related to environmental risks;

• Legal due diligence related to environmental matters.