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Consumer Protection law

„ILIEV AND PARTNERS“ delivers legal assistance to producers, importers, distributors, merchants of products and services as well as to final comsumers in relation to the legal framework of consumer protection and controlling powers of state authorities. The legal services provided by „ILIEV AND PARTNERS“ are related to the following matters:

• EU legislation in the sphere of consumer protection;

• Practice of the Commission on Consumers Protection;

• Representation before the Commission on Consumers Protection;

• Information that merchants have to provide to consumers in relation to characteristics and specifics of products/services, price, quantity, method of payment, risks and conditions connected to use, terms and conditions of guarantees, expiry date;

• Rules related to labelling;

• Instructions for use of specific products;

• Indication of prices of products and services;

• Protection against misleading, unfair or forbidden comparative advertisement;

• Trade practices and methods of sale;

• Safety and quality of products and services;

• Guarantees on products;

• Reclamations;

• Liabilities and compensations for damages caused by products with defects – terms and procedures;

• Unfair terms and conditions in consumer contracts;

• Legal regime of consumer protection organizations and associations;

• Conciliation commissions;

• Controlling mechanisms and powers of state authorities.