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Capital Markets

The team of experienced lawyers of “ILIEV AND PARTNERS” provides to issuers, investment banks, investment firms and management companies assistance in all major fields of capital and money markets. At “ILIEV AND PARTNERS” we do understand that in a global economy the ability to structure modern and effective financing solutions is crucial, but can bring the market players into complex and difficult issues.

Our capital markets practice provides comprehensive legal advice on the following subjects:

• Regulated markets, stock exchanges, MTFs;

• Regulatory and supervisory regimes and requirements, requirements for disclosure of information;

• Transactions in financial instruments:

– transactions in securities
– transactions in money-market instruments /treasury bills, certificates of deposit, commercial papers
– transactions in derivative financial instruments /options, futures, swaps, forward rate agreements, financial contracts for differences/

• Clearing and settlement systems;

• Initial and secondary public offerings of securities;

• Public offerings of bonds, public offerings of mortgage bonds;

• Incorporation, regulatory regimes and licensing of investment firms, management companies and investment banks;

• Organization and management of collective investment undertakings /UCITS/;

• Incorporation, regulatory regimes, licensing and management of REITs;

• Tax regulations regarding transactions in financial instruments;

• Tax regulations regarding investment firms, management companies, UCITS`s and REITs;

• Relevant regulations of the EU Law.